1.Compliance with Laws and Regulations on Personal Information Protection

When handling personal information in connection with the organization and execution of exhibitions (hereinafter referred to as 'exhibitions') by the organizing committee, we will comply with the 'Personal Information Protection Law' and other relevant laws and regulations.

2.Responsibilities of the Organizing Committee

When collecting personal information, we will, as a principle, make the collection purpose clear, and we will collect information with the consent of the individual, within the scope necessary to achieve the purpose.
Furthermore, the use of personal information within the Organizing Committee beyond the purpose of collection and its provision to parties outside the committee will not be conducted except in cases related to future exhibition information, initiatives from the constituent organizations of the Organizing Committee, and related content information and inquiries.

3.Thorough Implementation of Personal Information Security Measures

We will appoint a responsible party for information management involving personal information and actively engage in proper management for the protection of personal information. Furthermore, we will take appropriate measures to prevent the leakage, theft, loss, destruction, and other risks to the provided personal information, ensuring its protection and maintenance.

4.Other Matters Regarding the Handling of Personal Information

If a person requests disclosure or cessation of use of their own personal information, and if it is found that incorrect information exists after disclosure, and a request for correction or deletion is made, we will promptly respond.
Furthermore, for the handling of information pertaining to individuals residing overseas, we will make efforts to comply with the local laws and regulations in the individual's place of residence.
We will ensure the strict adherence to this policy by all members of the Organizing Committee, secretariat, and relevant entities, and work to enhance security awareness.