Experience AIR RACE X, the world's first urban XR Sport .

XR Consortium and Metaverse Japan

ーXR Consortium & Metaverse Japan Joint Projectー
F1 in the sky - AIR RACE X to be held for the first time in the world in October 2023 in Shibuya, Tokyo. The company crosses ultra-high-definition data and state-of-the-art technology with outstanding piloting techniques to fly through urban skies that could never exist in reality. This exhibit will expose visitors to the future possibilities of the fusion of sports and technology.

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clusterster experience .


We are developing a metaverse platform that allows anyone to participate in live music performances, conferences, and other events virtually, and to play games and permanent worlds (virtual spaces) with friends.
The system allows 100,000 people to connect simultaneously from their favorite devices such as smartphones, PCs and VR, making it possible to hold large scale events and permanently install popular IP content. In addition to Virtual Osaka, we have created and operated Virtual Shibu⾕, a virtual amusement park for Pokémon, and Virtual Pokémon Fest, a virtual amusement park for Pokémon. Cluster Inc. conducts many Metaverse event projects.

▼For more information, please click here.
URL: https://corp.cluster.mu/

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HIKKY Co., Ltd.

Experience the Virtual Market, the world's largest metaverse event with three Guinness World Records and over 1.2 million visitors from around the world. Enjoy the shopping experience and immersion that only the Metaverse can offer in a venue that recreates a real-life city in the Metaverse.
The event will also feature a "Vket Walk" experience that allows visitors to interact with avatars on monitors in real time, as well as giveaways that can be won on the spot.
URL: https://biz.vket.com/vket

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Official Ambassador "Aimi Sekiguchi" VR Art Experience Booth .

Aimi Sekiguchi

The live painting work that will take place during the opening ceremony of this event will be on display.
The artist herself is scheduled to appear at certain times. Please come and experience the world-renowned art of Aimi Sekiguchi.

【Aimi Sekiguchi Profile】
Since 2016, he has been working as an artist who paints 3D pictures in VR space.
Received art production and live painting offers from all over the world.
(USA, Germany, France, Russia, UAE, Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia.)

His solo exhibition on the Metaverse attracted many people from all over the world and was selected for the VR section of the Venice International Film Festival.
In March 2021, he began developing NFT art, and his first exhibit sold for approximately 13 million yen and became a hot topic. All subsequent works have also sold out immediately.
Selected for Forbes Japan 100 in 2021.

URL: https://twitter.com/sekiguchiaimi

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Bondee's AR Experience .

Bondee Bondee" has been downloaded more than 18 million times worldwide within a year of its release .
It is a metaverse application that is popular among Generation Z and Alpha and allows users to communicate with avatars they have created freely. On the day of the exhibition, visitors to the Bondee booth will be able to experience the new "BON World" content in AR. Please come and experience the possibilities of Bondee's technology, contents, and design.
URL: https://bondee.com/jp/main

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MVR(Moving VR)

SUS Co., Ltd.

A platform that reduces VR sickness, which occurs in one out of four people, by allowing them to move within the virtual space with their own feet.
Multiple people (1-4 in the demo experience) can experience the same space. This allows for games, events, hazard training, simulations including construction and architecture. Cost-effectively realizes a variety of virtual applications in industry, education, and the public sector.
DX staff will provide free consultation for your objectives and issues on how to make the best use of the system.
URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cglv_wP39QQ&list=WL&index=8&t=1s

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